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Door Knockers, Center Knobs, Letterboxes

Letter box set £125.00

A late 19th century style cast iron letter plate with matching door handle and escution. letter size 5.75 x 1.5 inches - Across the fixing pins 9 inches 

Combination letterplate £95.00

A nice looking brass combination letter plate and door knocker 

Neptune knocker £350.00

A rare late Victorian solid brass Neptune knocker with dolphin 

Long Vic brass knocker £275.00

An unusual solid brass knocker circa 1880 

Georgian brass knocker £275.00

An unusual early period brass knocker with original striker 

Brass letter plate/knocker £175.00

An realy nice Arts and Crafts combination brass letter plate and knocker. 6.75 centre to centre on the fixing bolts 

Deco letter box £75.00

A virtical Deco letter box with door handle attatched and position for Yale type lock 

2 Art Nuveau knockers £140.00

2 Art Nuveau cast iron Kennrick door knockersLHS 8 x 2.5RHS 7 x 3.25Price quoted is for one unit 

Large brass pull £450.00

A rare and massive brass door pull handle - backplate 4.75 inches diameter 

Knocker /letter plate set £450.00

A beautiful and rare matched pair of Arts and Crafts brass knocker and letter plate - letterplate is 12 x 3,25 ins - knocker is 8.25 x 3 

Deco centre knob £225.00

A genuine Deco chrome centre door knob in good condition - back plate size 4 x 2.5 inches 

Brass centre knob £120.00

A good Victorian brass centre door knob 

Cast door knockers Inquire Price

A selection of cast door knockers 

Pr cast knockers £525.00

A rare matching pair of cast iron door knockers in the Egyptian style early 19th century 

Lion door knocker £220.00

An early brass lion faced knocker with striker 

Brass ring pull £150.00

A good sized and rare brass door pull handle 

Door Knockers £175.00

Two Arts and Crafts door knockers with strikers one brass priced £175 + vat one cast iron priced £75 + vat 

Large brass letter plate £180.00

A nice period brass letter plate distance between rear fastening bolts 12.75 inches opening size 11.25 x 2.25 inches 

Pair letter plates £120.00

A pair of reclaimed letter plates distance between fastening bolts 9 inches opening size 7.5 x 2 inches   Price quoted for one item 

Large brass letter plate £160.00

A large brass letter plate mid 20th century distance between fixing bolts 11.5 centre to centre - Actual posting hole size  11 x 3 inches 

Large letter plate £175.00

Nice quality mid to late 20th century very large brass letter plate 

Cast door Knocker £180.00

An real nice looking original Victorian cast iron door knocker 

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